SB-Encoding of Email Addresses in Web Pages for Spam Protection

  1. Type or paste an email address into the box above

  2. Optionally, click "add mailto" if you want to turn the email address into an active hyperlink in your webpage

  3. Optionally, edit the result by hand, to taste (e.g. change the visible text of the hyperlink, add font characteristics, or add ?subject=whatever before the closing quote)

  4. Click encode

  5. Copy-and-paste the contents of the box into your html file in place of the plain email address (or mailto hyperlink). Do this for every instance of the email address.

  6. Also, paste these lines into each affected html file somewhere in the <head> . . . </head> section (though of course not inside a <style> block, etc. In fact, it's usually safe to put them in the <body> section).

    Alternatively, you may copy the function line above into a file named sb.js placed the top-level folder of your website, and then paste the following single line into each of your affected webpages (again, preferably in the <head> . . . </head> section):

  7. Spammers' web 'bots will no longer find this email address on your website!

  8. To recover the original text from a webpage that has sb-encoded content, you can copy-and-paste a chunk of text including the sb-encoded string from the html file into the first box above and then click decode.

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