Identity & Communication Event held on 3-20-2004

"Tell 'em Who You Are!"

Outdoor Signs

Outdoor Signs


 First Congregational Reminds Passersby: God Is Still Speaking



We were looking for a simple, relatively inexpensive, and fast way to share that “God Is Still Speaking” at First Congregational Church in Montclair, NJ.  We contacted our local Fastsigns retail establishment (  They had three different size options of metal signs with metal frames from which to choose (4’x3’, 3’ x 2’, and 18”x 24”).  We had the choice of one or two-sided signs.  Our completed signs came assembled and ready to place in the ground within five working days and cost about $250.00 per sign.


Fastsigns has as several standard metal colors and imprint colors from which to choose.  Red, white and black are all standard colors that make it very easy to maintain a sense of consistency with the national campaign.  We had several different signs made up:


      1 - 4’x3’ red metal

black comma and Gracie Allen quote

white lettering (God Is Still Speaking)

church’s website address (white letters on black background)


      7 - 3’x 2’ red metal

black comma

white lettering

church’s website address (white letters on black background)


2  - black comma w/ Gracie Allen quote

1 - “Kindness in the Face of Meanness” (from Still Speaking website)

1 - “Justice amidst Injustice” (from Still Speaking website)

2 - “Be God’s Word, Hear God’s Voice” w/ worship times

1 - “Join us on a journey of transformation and new life”


7  total


You do not have to be a graphic artist or have one on your congregation.   Fastsigns has computer graphic designers who can help you design your signs and/or us the graphics provided by the national office.


Our next step will be to design/order a series of smaller (18”x 24”) signs to be placed closer to the building to direct visitors on how to get into the building.


                                                                                    --Scott Howell