Identity & Communication Event held on 3-20-2004

"Tell 'em Who You Are!"

New Hymn

New Hymn


Ruth Duck Writes a new Hymn for the NJA Identity Event:
"You Are Speaking Still"


When the New Jersey Communications and Identity Day was being planned, Dalton Smith invited Ruth Duck, a well known UCC pastor and hymn writer, to provide a new hymn for the occasion on the theme, “God Is Still Speaking.”  Ruth, who currently lives in Skokie, Illinois, submitted “As Members of Your Household.”   The hymn was also used at a meeting of the Illinois Conference.  It is “a work in progress,” but she has given permission to begin singing it.


After serving churches in Wisconsin, Ruth was appointed to the faculty of Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston, Illinois, in 1989.  She serves as associate professor of worship and dean of the chapel.  She is also a member of the North American Academy of Liturgy.


In New Jersey the hymn was sung to the tune, St. Theodulph (“All Glory, Laud and Honor”).  It may also be sung to NYLAND (“Eternal Christ, Who, Kneeling”) or Llangloffan  (“O God of  Earth and Altar.”)


Each verse reflects different scripture references.  Verse 1: Psalm 46.  Verse 2: Ephesiasn 2:19-22; Verse 3: Revelations 22:1-2.


You Are Speaking Still


As members of your household, O God, we now recall

all those who built before us in answer to your call.

With Christ as their foundation, they formed us in the past.

Build us into your dwelling that their good work may last.



Today, while mountains tremble with change on ev’ry side,

God be our firm foundation, our present help and guide.

Reclaim our wand’ring spirits that we may hear your voice.

Because you are still speaking, we listen and rejoice.



You dwell among your people; from this our future grows,

a tree beside the river where crystal water flows.

Renew your list’ning people, that we may do your will.

Reform us, God, rebuild us, for you are speaking still!