Identity & Communication Event held on 3-20-2004

"Tell 'em Who You Are!"

Event Program

Tell Em Who You Are…

Tell Em Who You Are…

A communication and identity event for the

New Jersey UCC Association




8:30 a.m.

The Extravagant Welcome

As members of our churches gather there will be music, something to  eat, registration, opportunities to get acquainted, etc.  At the front door and in the Guild Room.



9:30 a.m.

Our ‘Still Speaking Church’

Musicians will lead us into the Sanctuary.  We look at ourselves and churches, including our history.  We begin to assess how we communicate. First presentation from Ron Buford, our keynote speaker.



11:30 a.m.

The Family Gathers

We move to the Dining Room.  Before lunch we share with new  what our churches are doing to “Tell ’Em Who We Are.”




We Break Bread Together

One person from each table becomes a deacon by getting a  platter of food for the others.




The Great Feast of the People of God

host pastor and conference minister lead us in the Eucharist—our  ultimate thanksgiving.



1:30 p.m.

Our ‘Still Speaking Church’ (Part 2)

Back in the Sanctuary, we hear Ron Buford’s second presentation  think strategically.



3:00 p.m.

Hear God’s Word—Be God’s Voice

Brief closing and Benediction.




Parting Gifts

New Jersey Churches and the whole UCC have something for each of us.




Our great family returns to their homes and churches.





The New Jersey Association’s Communication Assessment and Strategy Committee says “Thank You!” to:


            Every participant: You came to Montclair and became part of the “Welcoming Committee.”


            The churches of our Association: You shared the ways you communicate, sharing God’s Word.   


            First Church, Montclair: You provided an extravagant welcome, and brought Scott Howell into our midst.  We are especially grateful for all who worked behind the scenes.


            Ron Buford:  You came from our national church house in Cleveland; you helped us think together how we can “Hear God’s Word and Be God’s Voice”; you are leading our whole church tell the world who we are.


            Ray Kostulias, First Church, Park Ridge: You again brought a creative way for us to express ourselves and what we believe.  We also thank all who helped you do it!


            Our musicians: LL DuBreuil, First Church, Woodbridge,  Paul Bryant-Smith, First Church, River Edge,  Drummers Denzil Botus and Jeffrey Antoine:  You helped us lift our spirits high.


            Stephanie Weiner: Your participation today, and the support of the Association Council that you chair, has made this event possible.


            Our Association staff—Sherry Taylor and Beth Pugh; and those who came from the Central Atlantic Conference—John Deckenback, Jerry Foltz (back home) and Jill White: Your ministries always help us participate in the whole United Church of Christ. 


            We thank you all!  Members of your Communications Assessment and Strategy  Committee:  Joan Brannick, Hasbrook Heights Community Church; George Drumbor, Christ Congregation, Princeton; Marge Royle, consultant to the committee, First Church, Verona; Dalton Smith, First Church, Haworth; Doug Stivison, Union Church, Montclair; Paul Tukey, Christ Church, Summit; Martin Bailey, chair, Union Church, Montclair.